Light it up! Enjoy a calm and peaceful time as the soothing aroma of Tea Tree fills the room and makes your world an easier place to live. The perfect blend of organic oils and 15mg of CBD creates a truly relaxing blend to pacify both body and spirit. 10oz

DETOXIFY CBD Infused Soy Candle




    "My skin is so sensitive when it comes to lotion and scents. However, I purchased the Tea Tree body wash and lotion to try it out and I'm happy with the results. It feels very refreshing and leaves my skin smooth and refreshing!" - Charlotte, Hartford, CT

    "Ordered my mom and I the lavender socks, lotion, and bath salt for Mother's Day. I love how soft the lotion makes my skin feel especially with wearing the socks at night before bed. Great smell and quality products!" - Stephanie, Ansonia, CT

    "Bought my wife and I both the Recovery CBD socks along with the Shea butter and Vanilla lotion and a few of their candles, let's just say I'm glad I did! #HappyWife #HappyLife" - Matthew, Somerville, MA