Our goal is to provide families with high quality products made with the perfect blend of 100% natural ingredients including healing properties derived from cannabis resulting in CBD oil



The journey for A Touch of CBD Collection all began with my trouble of dry skin and the frustration of purchasing all these different products at the store in hopes of a solution! Sadly, I found the majority of these products didn't help and were also made with chemicals, dyes, detergents, and tons of other ridiculous ingredients which were not natural. Did you know that your skin absorbs about 60% of the products you apply? Or that it gets absorbed into your blood stream in less than 5 minutes? Interesting, right? That's why my goal is to continue to create natural skin care products that will not only help nourish your skin but also provide relief. I'm so glad and excited to share my journey with you! Also, while you're here, don't forget to check out our CBD tab for some fun facts about CBD oil and the awesome benefits it has.




 A Touch of CBD offers a wide range of high quality CBD infused products that include body lotions, body wash, bath salts, lip balm, deodorant, socks, and candles. All of our ingredients go through a complete process to determine exactly how much CBD is in our products. Our products are never tested on animals but have been tested on us, The Colon Family, and we are super excited to share our experience with your family!


Our products are carefully and thoughtfully crafted to ensure each product has the perfect blend of high quality natural ingredients. Together, the healing properties of CBD along with the most natural elements on earth provide a daily skin therapy that calms and heals skin for your face, lips, feet, and anywhere else there is inflammation or dryness. All of our products are formulated with zero sulfates, parabens, dyes, gluten, phthalates, and propylene glycol. 





"My skin is so sensitive when it comes to lotion and scents. However, I purchased the Tea Tree body wash and lotion to try it out and I'm happy with the results. It feels very refreshing and leaves my skin smooth and refreshing!" - Charlotte, Hartford, CT

"Ordered my mom and I the lavender socks, lotion, and bath salt for Mother's Day. I love how soft the lotion makes my skin feel especially with wearing the socks at night before bed. Great smell and quality products!" - Stephanie, Ansonia, CT

"Bought my wife and I both the Recovery CBD socks along with the Shea butter and Vanilla lotion and a few of their candles, let's just say I'm glad I did! #HappyWife #HappyLife" - Matthew, Somerville, MA